New HAALo Membership!

HAALo is launching a brand new membership program this month, designed to offer customers a wide range of discounts and services. Join for a full year and enjoy significant discounts on bulk herbs, practitioner visits, and select classes and events. With just a few purchases, an annual membership quickly pays for itself! Become a member, save money, and support our work to improve local access to quality herbs and herbal care in our community. More details on membership and on-line enrollment here.

HAALo stands for Healing Alternatives for All Locals.


Located at 412 Commercial Street, Nevada City, we are:

  • An herb shop. Alternative practitioners work behind the counter to help you explore healing alternatives.
  • A support network for practitioners, farmers who grow our medicine, and for those in the community who need healing
  • An educational center that puts on annual events and classes focused on healing


We also offer a range of classes offered throughout the month.

Check out our Event Calendar Page for more information and to register.

Questions?  Use our Contact Page.


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