2017 Earth Wisdom Apprenticeship – Level 1

March 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am – November 5, 2017 @ 11:30 pm
Various Locations and HAALo
412 Commercial St. Nevada City
CA 95959
HAALo Herb Shoppe
(530) 265-8804
2017 Earth Wisdom Apprenticeship - Level 1 @ Various Locations and HAALo

The Earth Wisdom Apprenticeship: an experiential journey into Indigenous earth medicine and vibrational healing. ~ with Marza Millar

Learn the foundations of indigenous earth wisdom with this unique, experiential 9-month apprenticeship with internationally known teacher and Medicine Woman Marza Millar. Marza will guide a small group of apprentices into a deep immersion of plant spirit medicine and vibrational healing, working directly with the forces of nature, the plants, moon, sun and earth tides to learn how to heal human and ancestral conditions.

This apprenticeship is designed for those with a solid maturity and genuine interest in deepening the exploration of the self and the unseen. In this study of plant spirit medicine, you will learn about your own energetic patterns, how they interface with others, and how to alter them to support healing the body and disease.

The full human experience of healing will be explored from multiple dimensions. While there is a comprehensive curriculum that will be covered, be prepared for a non-linear journey of exploration into numerous indigenous traditions, with a wide variety of learning modalities, including hands-on, experiential learning, lecture, field classes, storytelling, and more

Participants will create a personalized vibrational essence kit made from flowers, trees, and minerals and make herbal and energetic essence tinctures, salves and balms. There will be study in the herbal laboratory as well as opportunities to develop clinical skills for starting or expanding an herbal practice.

Here is a sampling of course topics:

The Medicine Wheel

Plant spirit medicine

Medicine making

Biodynamic calendar & basic biodynamics

Cycles of time & harvesting cycles

Prophecy of the 5th Sun Cycle and the 5th Sun Cycle Medicines

Healing through the energy field

Ancestral and energetic imprints of disease

Healing family miasms

Soul retrieval


Time tracking


Making tinctures, salves, balms,Vibrational Essences, essential oils, detoxification waters and live waters

Shamanic healing

Rites of passage

This course runs from March to November, meeting one weekend a month. Four weekends will include field classes in the Eastern Sierras, High Sierras and the coast. On these field trips we will visit the oldest living plant on earth (5,000 years), make a vibrational imprint medicine, and gather different vibrational waters to make your medicines.

Marza has been offering this apprenticeship course for six years, and this is the fourth year she will be partnering with HAALo as administrator for logistics and support for the entire apprenticeship. We are very excited about this continuing partnership!

In addition to the above activities, apprentices will have the opportunity to deepen their learing within Marza’s healing lineage: a trip to the southwest to sit with the Hopi Elders; Depacho and Karpay Ceremonies with the Inca from Peru; and harvesting and energy workshop in Hawaii. She will also offer the Etheric Light Ceremony with the Dolphins, and a visit to the Temples of Humankind in Damanhur, Italy. More details on these trips to be announced during the course.

As you scroll down, you will also find class schedule, a more detailed list of curriculum, tuition options, more information about Marza, and dates for upcoming orientation events for those who are interested in finding out more about this unique apprenticeship opportunity.

Feedback from Marza’s Students

“Marza is engaging, inspiring, and carries ancient wisdom.” – Dixie H

“I have learned so much about the old ways of living in co-creation with our planet from Marza - it is a vast understatement to say it has changed my life! Marza's way of sharing her knowledge through sitting in circle, storytelling and dirt time are a testament to her understanding of the Earth and Earth-based traditions - what she has taught me couldn't be read in books or heard in lectures.” – Tiffany H

“The Earth Wisdom apprenticeship class expanded my capabilities in comprehending and implementing deeper healing in myself, loved ones and clients. Marza gently encourages students in expanding their knowledge and perceptions by learning frequency medicine in harmony with the plant medicines, mineral beings and shamanic practices. The hours invested in the classroom, lab and on field trips birthed within me a profound life changing realignment with the energies of the Earth. With Marza's guidance I got my feet back on the ground, expanded my heart and walk Mother Earth with a renewed spirit." – Andrea R

"I have been a spiritual guide and teacher for over 20 years, and I have found Marza Millar to be one of the wisest and most powerful teachers I have ever encountered. Having been on several sacred journeys with Marza, I have complete and total trust in her guidance, her teaching and her capabilities. She has taken me to places both physically and spiritually that I had never been before, and has greatly enriched my life in the process.. Among her many talents, is an ability to make people feel safe while expanding their consciousness - a mark of a great healer and teacher. Above all, she is deeply committed to helping others wholeheartedly, with tremendous compassion and humility. I always look forward to my next experience with Marza, knowing that it will expand the world as I know it and enhance my sense of my own self." – Grace

“I have been studying with Marza for the past three years. She has not only taught me an incredible amount about herbs and energetic medicine, but she has also deepened my relationship with the earth and myself. I have never been in a class that has had such a great impact on every aspect of my life. She truly embodies her teachings and is a powerful medicine woman that is a blessing to those that sit with her.” – Amara P


All classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted as a Field trip. There will be 4 field trips total, others will be announced at the Free Orientation.

March 18 & 19
April 8 & 9
May 20 & 21
June 1, 2, 3 (Bristlecone Pine Forest and the Coast)
July 15 & 16
August 19 & 20
September 23 & 24
October 7 & 8
November 4 & 5

Registration Details

Some medicine making supplies (but not all) are included in the price of tuition. Please note that tuition does not cover travel to field sites around Northern California, associated camping fees, or meals.

Tuition: $1899

Early bird tuition: $1699 when paid in full by January 31, 2017

Payment Plan: $1925* (Down Payment of $650 and 3 post-dated checks submitted by the first day of class.)

Payment plan terms are as follows:
Deposit: $650 due upon registration
March 30, 2017, $425
April 30, 2017, $425
May 31, 2017, $425
*Includes a $26 Administrative Fee

First Weekend Only:
A limited number of spaces are available for the first weekend only. For those who participate in this option, the weekend fee is $275. If you would like to continue with the full apprenticeship (and if there is space), an additional fee of $1,625 will be due. Payment plan (as above) is available.

Refund Policy: Due to the intensive nature of this program, and the planning and coordination involved over 9 months, we require a full commitment to completion of this apprenticeship. All participants should be prepared to make this commitment, both with their personal time and their finances. NO REFUNDS will be given after March 1, 2017. Plan your schedule for the year wisely - no make-up classes will be offered. All students must sign an Acknowledgement of Financial Policies for this class.

HAALo accepts cash, check or credit card.

How Do I Pay?

Pay online through Eventbrite (fees apply) and use your credit card.

If you would like to avoid paying the fees:

Pay by phone by calling (530) 260-9604 and use your credit card.

Pay in Person at HAALo, 412 Commercial Street in Nevada City, 95959, using cash, check or credit card.

Pay by Mail

Call (530) 260-9604 to request registration forms
Fill out forms and enclose payment check, or money order
Mail to: HAALo, 412 Commercial Street, Nevada City, California 95945

Free Apprenticeship Orientation Sessions with Marza
Learn more about the depth of this apprenticeship during a free orientation session. Marza will share stories about her own journey with herbs, her Celtic and Native American ancestral history and her teachers from all over the globe.

Nevada City: November 16, 2016, January 18 and February 21, 2016, from 6-8pm at HAALo's Upstairs Loft, 408 Broad Street, Suite 13, Nevada City, California, 95959 (Upstairs in the New York Hotel Building)

About the Instructor

This class is taught by Grandmother Marza Millar, Elder by birth rite of the Wind Creek, Yavapai. Clinical Herbalist, CMT, MA

Marza’s upbringing in earth-based medicine comes from her Birth Rite with the Wind Creek Yavapai on her fathers side. After receiving a formal education and working in allopathic medicine, Marza returned to her roots and has spent decades of her life training in various earth-based medicine traditions.Marza is responsible to the Wind Creek Yavapai to hold the Emergence door of the 4th world, located in Sedona Arizona. Her mother’s people are from Islet of Skye, Scotland and Kilkenny, Ireland, and Marza is a Druid Elder of Clach Na h'Annait Standing Stone. She has been adopted and trained in both rites from birth. Marza also received training in the traditional teachings of Lemuria given by the Elders of Naapoopoo Village, Big Island, Hawaii

If you haven't met Marza, or event if you have, watch this interview where she talks in more detail about parts of this apprenticeship. If you have questions, please attend one of our apprenticeship orientation sessions (see above) or feel free to contact Marza directly at marzaflowers@gmail.com.

Apprenticeship Curriculum Outline

This is a general guideline of topics to be covered in this apprenticeship

Who we Are/ the Divine Body System
Anatomy of the Energetic Body and the Body Systems
Anatomy of the Seen and Unseen World
Science of the interaction between the physical and the non-physical
Healing from the Outside in
Lineage Lines, Genetic Imprints, and Imprinting
Energy Diagnostics

Deepening our Studies of the Natural World
Biodiversity of Species
Water Wisdom
Sierra Nevada and N Cal Bioregional Study
watershed literacy
sacred site mapping and study of energy lines
Biological History of Sierra Nevada

Study of Elevation
Study of the remaining imprints of Ancient Civilizations

Herbology & Vibrational Medicine
Study of Biodynamic and Organic Principles
Biodynamic Rhythms in Harvesting, Farming, and Medicine Making
Local and Native plants and medicinals
Herbcraft and Medicine Making
Understanding Vibrational Medicine
Herbal Energetics, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Gem Essences

Earth Wisdom Studies
Indigenous Wisdom, Folklore & Medical Theory with a focus on Local First Nation People, Hopi, Qero, Hawaiian, Inuit
Ancient ways of walking time
Living within solar terra time and the seasons
Medicine Wheel
Ways of the Sacred Fire
Elemental and Directional Studies
Sweat Lodge
Journey Work
Earth Based Ceremonial Practices and Offerings
Defining the Archetypical Roles that have been Forgotten in Society
Personal Medicine & Purpose Work
Ceremonial Council and Decision Making
Initiations & Rites of Passage

Cosmic Law of the Seen and Unseen World (as told by the Ancients)
Star Lore
Egyptian, Hopi, Inca, Maya, Tibetan
Awareness of the Cosmic Forces at play
learn to read solar, lunar, and planetary forces

Collective Consciousness Studies
Tapping into the Akashic Records
Parallels of Quantum Physics and the Wisdom of the Ancients

Fieldtrip Study
Four Zone Visitations for extensive hands on experiential fieldwork:
low desert
high desert
high sierra
ocean habitat

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